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Wool Needlebooks

Wool Needlebooks

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When you've collected a surplus of needles, you might start to wonder where to put all of those needles when not in use. Here in lies the perfection of a needlebook.

Needlebooks are great for organizing your needles by type, storing your thread prepped needles for a current stitch, or just carrying your needles in a way that doesn't poke through your bag or get lost. 

With 4 pages of felt inserted, these needlebooks will store a SURPLUS of needles. Consider using 1 page for each type of needle if you're both collecting embroidery and tapestry needles. You can even use one page to organize your needle minders.

Each needlebook is handmade by Junebug and Darlin using only scrap materials. The exterior Pendleton Wool is collected from a high end bag maker in Oregon and saved from the landfill by giving use to small scraps.

Dimensions: 4in x 3in closed

*Needlebooks are completely unique and no two will be exactly the same. Choose the design you like, add it to your cart, and be thrilled to receive a one of a kind needlebook. Due to the woven nature of Pendleton Wool, some fraying on the edges and shedding is normal. 

**Sale needlebooks are scrappy one offs and only have 2 pages of felt. Sizing varies from 2" square to 3x4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Haley P.
Exactly what I need

I got this nifty little wool needle books to keep my embroidery needles safely put away. I especially love to use it with the needle finder. And it makes me happy that it’s made out of scrap wool, and that nothing has gone to waste.

Elizabeth A.
Excited to use!

I was finally fast enough to get a few needlebooks, for me and a couple friends! They are so cool and incredibly handy. An excellent, useful idea to reuse waste fabrics.

Brooke G.
Amazing quality and really cool fabric!

I bought this needle book as a little gift for myself and I am really happy with the quality and the gorgeous wool fabric! I keep a variety of needles in my stitching tool box and this is the perfect thing to keep them organized. Highly recommend this item for anyone that loves to stitch!

Heather M.
Love the needlebook!

This is the perfect way to store my needles and needle -minders!

Nancy R.
Perfect for storing my cross

Perfect for storing my cross stitch needles. Very stylish and I’m glad they were made with cloth scraps. A great way to use extras

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