Meet the Maker


Zoe Frost, the creator/crafter/owner of Junebug and Darlin, is a queer femme living in Portland, OR. In her free time, she adventures through pine trees, ferns and rivers with her partner and their two dogs. She believes that art should be useful and crafting should be for everyone. She combines nature, queerness and good ol’ fuck the system attitudes to make her artistic endeavors what they are today. Zoe’s cross-stitch kits are 100% handmade and provide all of the supplies needed for you to create a finished cross-stitch from first stitch to frame. She wants her products to be useful and instructive to you, and can guarantee a political agenda.

About Junebug and Darlin

Junebug and Darlin was started to provide friends and fellow crafters with the inspiration and tools to create heirloom quality subversive crafts. In 2016, Zoe had quit her job to move to Oregon with her partner and was ready for a new start. The town she lived in was relatively small with little work opportunities so she found herself mulling over the idea of starting her own business. At the time, there was a big resurgence of at-home crafting and with some extra time now on her hands, she decided to try the art of cross-stitching. Not loving the patterns that were readily available at that time, Zoe created her own cross-stitch pattern to attempt her first project - and that’s how Junebug & Darlin was created! Once she decided on the business, Zoe then had to figure out what her market was going to be. As a queer femme, she realized that staying true to herself was important and she wanted to reflect that in the work she created. She began making cross stitch patterns and kits that were all about inclusivity. In 2017, she began providing kits for wholesale at local arts and crafts stores across the country in order to reach a wider community of makers. Over the years, Zoe has branched out into a sundry of motifs for her pattern, but will always prioritize the roots of her business as one that subverts patterns for modern makers.